Caustic soda pearls is granular caustic soda, also known as bead caustic soda,
a kind of solid caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) product, chemical formula: NaOH.
can be divided into big and small particle.Small particle about 0.7mm,
It is shaped like washing powder.
Among the solid alkalis, caustic soda pearls and caustic soda flakes are common,
and caustic soda pearls is better than caustic soda flakes, but the production process of caustic soda pearls
is more difficult and more complicated, Therefore, the price of caustic soda pearls
is naturally higher than that of caustic soda flakes.
caustic soda pearls is mainly used as a chemical raw material, is an important chemical basic raw material,
and has a wide range of uses. The chemical industry is used in the manufacture of formic acid, oxalic acid,
borax, phenol and soap, synthetic fatty acids, synthetic detergents, etc. In textile printing and dyeing industry,
it is used as cotton desizing agent, scouring agent, mercerizing agent and solvent for vat dye and Haichang blue dye.
The smelting industry is used to manufacture aluminum hydroxide, alumina and metal surface treatment agent.
The instrument industry is used as acid neutralizer, decolorizer and deodorizer.
Adhesive industry is used as starch gelatinizer and neutralizer. In addition, it is widely used in enamel, medicine,
cosmetics, leather, paint, pesticide, glass and other industries.